About Petram Technologies

The Mission

Petram Technologies brings its customers an efficient & safe construction and demolition system that:

  • Reduces time wasted,
  • Reduces operation costs,
  • Removes unnecessary danger, and
  • Significantly decreases environmental impact.

We accomplish this by:

  • Applying our NASA-funded patented approaches and newly developed technologies.
  • Bringing fresh & talented minds into our team, both internal & external, and
  • Leveraging cutting-edge tools and science as it’s discovered…

… all to create a cleaner & more efficient process and experience for companies in the construction and demolition world.

The Company

Founded in January 2017, Petram Technologies is producing commercialized construction/demolition systems from technology initially developed at Auburn University and funded by NASA.

The research completed at Auburn culminated in over 50 successful laboratory experiments and an issued US patent. This research has been successfully replicated several times at Petram Technologies’ facility.

Additional experimentation proved that:

  1. Rebar and steel beams could be cleanly separated from the concrete, greatly enhancing recycling opportunities,
  2. Fracture volumes of up to 2 cubic yards per discharge were readily accomplished.