Demolish for 60% Less Cost and 12x Faster than Jackhammering

A new, originally NASA-funded technology called Electro-Hydraulic Fracturing (EHF) exceeds performance from standard jackhammer-and-split methods.  It even exceeds the performance of hoe rams!

This EHF System uses a small amount of electrolyte and fires a calibrated high-voltage/high-current pulse (about 1 gigawatt) into the solution… creating a plasma ball that outputs a calculated concussive force within the rock… breaking it apart.

This 1 gigawatt occurs over a microsecond per blast… so each firing uses about 0.01 kWh of energy – the power of a standard 60W light bulb running for 10 minutes.

No flyrock.
No vibration.
No chemicals.
No explosives.
No noise pollution.
No jackhammering.
Easily transportable.
Easily powered by a small generator.

Proven results.

A Successful Field Run of the EHF System
Petram’s Electro-Hydraulic Fracturing System shears rock around rebar, leaving the rebar intact.
Cost Comparison Underground Granite Removal near Utility Infrastructure
Metric Jackhammer/Drill-and-Split Hoe Ram Petram EHF
Cost/cu.yd. $985 $500 $395
Time/cu.yd. 4 hours 30 minutes 20 minutes
Safety Constraint Cannot use near vibration sensitive equipment
Customer Impact Noise, Extended Duration of Blocking Access/Streets Drilling noise, Vibration risks Initial drill noise
Costs & timing includes drilling & removal.
Our owners, advisors, and employees have worked closely with current clients and investors like Exxon-Mobil and Consolidated Edison of New York to take our technology from a NASA-funded lunar excavation tool to a safe and effective demolition tool.

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